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The guide dog indicates a bench seat
Guide dogs can only carry out their demanding tasks if they are not disturbed while they are working. If you come across a guide dog team, you can help by:
  • Not distracting, touching, calling or feeding the guide dog.

  • Putting your own dog on his lead and walking quickly past the guide dog team. Guide dogs are allowed to play with other dogs when they are free running off the lead.

  • Visually impaired and blind people with guide dogs in harness are allowed access anywhere, even where dogs are otherwise prohibited from entering.

  • Visually impaired and blind people have right of way if they lift their white cane to indicate that they want to cross the road (Article 6 of the Swiss ordinance on traffic regulations, VRV).

  • If you see a visually impaired or blind person and her guide dog getting into difficulties, please talk to them and offer them your help.