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Black Labrador lies at the foot of a green and mossy tree

Anniversary Celebration on 18th June 2022

Last Saturday, we held the first of our anniversary celebration events, welcoming 25 veteran canines (2005 – 2010 vintage) and their keepers on their visit to our school. It turned out to be a very warm day.

As well as the conviviality of the gathering itself, the day’s programme also included a treasure hunt on the theme of the dogs’ aging process; we showed some options for work and play and gave our visitors a chance to browse through various books based on the subject of older dogs.

Despite the high temperatures, our visitors showed a lively interest in trying out the assortment of games and ways to keep dogs occupied – which then led to gales of laughter. We had put out bathing trays filled with cold water and wet cloths to provide the dogs with some welcome ways to cool off. Leisurely visits to the climate-controlled film theatre also proved very popular; whether they came in on two or four legs, this naturally brought great delight to everyone concerned!

Coffee, cake and ice cream provided the backdrop for wide-ranging discussions and descriptions of the keepers’ experiences with their dogs. A few tears were also shed here and there as they talked about saying goodbye to the dogs and letting them go.

As members of staff, it was wonderfully rewarding and heart-warming for us to meet up with our veterans once again; to see how well they were being looked after and how fit they still are, considering their grand old age.

The dogs’ keepers were also extremely appreciative of this meeting. The opportunity to travel to Allschwil one more time with their Grand Old Timers was (and still is) always very special for all concerned.

We would like to thank you all wholeheartedly for your commitment, which we appreciate from the bottom of our hearts!