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Black Labrador lies at the foot of a green and mossy tree

International Assistance Dogs Week 7 - 11 August 2023

During International Assistance Dog Week, we also took advantage of our membership of the ADI and the #LifeChanger campaign to explain that assistance dogs change the lives of tens of thousands of people with a wide variety of disabilities. 

There is a worldwide shortage of volunteers willing to look after puppies and trainee assistance dogs – and this has a direct effect on the independence, wellbeing and life chances of the people who need them the most.

We are always looking for well-motivated animal lovers to act as foster carers to puppies of about ten weeks of age. They keep the pup for about one and a half to two years, providing it with basic training as well as a sense of confidence and security. There is also a constant need for volunteers to provide dogs with temporary care to cover holidays.

Your commitment supports our school so that we can prepare our dogs to carry out their substantial and very valuable assignments as assistance dogs, autism service dogs, guide dogs for blind people and social support dogs. We are extremely grateful for your help!

Foster dog being trained on a lead