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Photo of the Guide Dogs for the Blind School premises from the outside, with three banners and a dog transporter
The Foundation Swiss School for Guide Dogs for the Blind was established in 1972. The Foundation is subject to the oversight of the State. The annual accounts and annual report are examined every year by the Swiss Federal Department of Home Affairs within the framework of its statutory supervisory obligations (Art. 84, Para. 2 of the Swiss Civil Code).

Statutes, Art. 3, Formulation of the purpose of the Foundation as of May 2017:

The purpose of the Foundation is to promote the mobility, better quality of life and level of participation in everyday life of people who are blind and visually impaired, through the provision of dogs that are suitable for such service.

In particular, the Foundation fulfils this purpose by:

  • breeding and training such dogs
  • assigning such dogs to clients
  • offering initial and ongoing training for the dogs, their owners and the people affected
  • promoting the interests of the people affected related to improvements to their mobility, quality of life and level of participation
  • collaborating with other schools and institutions involved in education and research in this area.

The Foundation can assign those dogs that are not suitable for service as guide dogs for blind people as assistance dogs or support dogs to help people with other disabilities, illnesses or social difficulties, so that such people can enjoy greater mobility, a better quality of life or a higher degree of participation in everyday life. In particular, the Foundation can fulfil this purpose by means of activities described in paragraph 2 (letters a–e).

The Foundation can expand upon any activities that are directly or indirectly connected with the purpose of the Foundation.

The Foundation’s Board of Trustees

The Committee of the Board of Trustees

Beat Herzog, Biel-Benken, Chairman of the Board of Trustees and of the Committee

Daniel Allemann, Breitenbach, Member of the Committee

Heinz Frömelt, Rodersdorf, Member of the Committee

Dr. Urs Fuhrer, Bern, Member of the Committee

Nicole Nüssli-Kaiser, Allschwil, Member of the Committee

Prof Dr Zoé Waldenmeyer, Muri, Member of the Committee

Other Members of the Board of Trustees

Dr med. vet. Men Bischoff, Sent

Frank Buchter, Langenthal

Monika Casura, Basel

Domenica Griesser, St. Gallen

Dr iur. Anton Lauber, Allschwil