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Photo of the Guide Dogs for the Blind School premises from the outside, with three banners and a dog transporter

Facts and figures

The School

  • Established in Allschwil in 1972
  • Operating in new premises at the same location since 2002

Financial details

  • More than 90% of the financial support for the school is obtained from donations, legacies and inheritances.
  • The Swiss disability insurance scheme (IV) pays for the costs of the team training at the guide dog owner's home and pays the school a monthly rental fee (currently CHF 350) for each guide dog deployed at any particular time. A one-off compensation payment is made by the IV for every assistance dog. Autism assistance dogs are not funded by the IV.
  • Additional funds are generated by the sale of promotional items from our shop.
  • The school does not receive any subsidies from the state.

Number of guide dogs trained from 1972-2020

  • 997 guide dogs

Number of puppies born in Allschwil from 1972-2020

  • 2348 puppies

Puppies, young dogs and breeding dogs in 2020

  • Born at the School: 76, 43 of which were male and 33 female
  • Externally bred: 0 male dogs
  • Young dogs living with foster families: 95
  • Breeding dogs living with families: 38

Dogs introduced and trained in 2020

A total of 86, comprising

  • Guide dogs: 16. Of these, 9 were replacement dogs and 3 were dogs in for new applicants Switzerland, while in Germany 4 were a replacement dog and 0 were dogs for new applicants.
  • Assistance dogs: 4
  • Autism service dogs: 2
  • Social support dogs: a total of 64 dogs, 26 of which were from our own breeding programme.

Dog owners in 2020

  • Guide dogs: 139, 40 of which are in Germany and 1 in Austria
  • Assistance dogs: 15
  • Autism service dogs: 39
  • Social support dogs: 404
  • Retired dogs: 72

Our workforce in 2020

A total of 53, of which

  • 17.30 are full time roles in the Training section
  • 12.45 are full time roles in the Breeding section (incl. kennel staff)
  • 10.05 are full time roles in the Administration (incl. PR and infrastructure)