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Black Labrador lies at the foot of a green and mossy tree


Litter B15

3 males, 7 females

Birth date
30.10.2019 , 23:15 bis 08:15 h

Naila, 05.12.2014

Barko, 08.01.2016

Surname Born Weight Color
Bungee 23:15 h 470g
Baghira 23:26 h 450g
Betsy 23:38 h 470g
Bacca 23:51 h 400g
Bailey 00:00 h 480g
Bonny 01:29 h 440g
Brody 04:00 h 340g
Bones 04:42 h 350g
Billie 05:05 h 360g
Bracco 08:15 h 450g