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Mother dog in the grass with her suckling puppies

Puppies and breeding

For decades, the Labrador Retriever has proven itself worldwide as one of the preferred dog breeds for working in the service of humans. The Foundation Swiss School for Guide Dogs for the Blind in Allschwil has bred its own Labrador Retrievers since 1972.

These dogs have an ability to stay safe and resilient in all environmental situations and are also known globally for their independence and great willingness to work. Their social approach towards people and other dogs and animals is also friendly and easy. The pedigree history of our dogs includes breeding dogs from guide dog schools from all over the world.

Are you interested in keeping a breeding dog?

Just get in touch with us and we will be pleased to provide you with

more information. You can contact us by phone at +41 61 487 95 95.

Black mother dog with pups
Yawning puppy
Puppy on scales
Puppies suckling the mother dog