Black Labrador lies at the foot of a green and mossy tree

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Donation items

Kauartikel 2

Chew products e.g. bones

Finance a pack of chew products for our dogs.

CHF 10.00

BFHS 20190319 DSC8365 RS

Dog tag

Donate a dog tag for our dogs

CHF 20.00

PH Schabracke Phinn

Blue vest for a foster dog

By the donating a blue vest for a foster dog, you enable the dog and the owner having more access options to buildings and facilities etc. Hence you can contribute to prepare the puppy optimally for its future.

CHF 60.00



Donate a harness for a guide dog.

CHF 500.00

Welpenbetreuung 10 W

10 weeks puppy care at school

You can finance the raising of a litter of about seven puppies in our school.

CHF 5,000.00