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1st Saturday/month

15:00 h


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Sunday, 8 Sep. 2019

10:00-16:00 h

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How can you support the Swiss School for Guide Dogs for the Blind?

By making a donation, legacy or bequest.

By rearing a young guide dog.

By buying promotional articles from our shop.

Do you need a deposit slip?

You can deposit your donation into the following accounts:

Donations in CHF to IBAN CH47 0900 0000 4000 1275 0 (postal account 40-1275-0)

Donations in EUR to IBAN CH82 0900 0000 9125 1773 1


Donations and bequests to the Stiftung Schweizerische Schule für Blindenführhunde Allschwil are tax deductible in most Cantons.

Thank you very much for your donation!

Thanks to your generous support we are able to offer our services since 1972.