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Sunday, 8 Sep. 2019

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The School

Building and surroundings

The school property at Markstallstrasse in Allschwil showcases a unique complex of premises. The buildings are of a distinctly functional and simple architecture. The cool appearance of the structures is put into perspective by the choice of materials and colors. All buildings are accessible through the central courtyard. The puppies playing in the puppy run at the end of the courtyard quickly become a focal point for visitors.

Animal friendly and ecological

It was the expressed wish of those responsible in the school to establish a building in which the animals could be properly kept and the people working there could feel at home. Great pains were also taken to incorporate ecological aspects. The large roof area of the kennels building is used to collect water and the complete complex is heated by a system fired with shredded wood.

The dogs, the central point

Alongside the two L shaped kennels which house up to 48 dogs, stands the breeding house with 6 litter boxes, which are fitted with the most modern conditions according to animal maintenance research. All boxes have floor heating and automatic troughs with fresh water. The dogs can leave their boxes during the day and night through a hatch door into the fresh air. Through the special arrangements of the boxes, the dogs have visual contact with each other in the outside area. Inside they can observe through glass panes fitted into the doors of the boxes what is happening within the passages. This way the dogs are better integrated and don’t feel isolated, which contributes substantially to their well being. In addition to the grass meadows the school now has a dry run with a covered area, which can be used during bad weather.

An optimal concept of space for rational working

Generously conceived feeding kitchens make possible a purposeful and speedy preparation and serving of the dogs’ food. There are 14 grooming tables and several dog baths are available in the care room for the daily grooming of the dogs. There is also a place again, for cats within the new school, in their own room especially equipped for cats and a view of the care room and run-outs where they always find food and fresh water. A large storage area houses the various items for dogs and provisions.

Visitors are welcome!

The third part of the complex consists of a two-storey building and a flat for the caretaker. Within the entrance area there are attractive glass cabinets containing souvenirs from the school, which can be bought at any of our open days. There is a film room for 50 people in the basement, which also has a separate entrance. A staff Cafeteria, the overnight room for staff as well as an archive and storage room for office and printing materials. The offices for administration and the breeding section, as well as two meeting rooms.

Solar plant

Since October 2012 we are producing solar electricity on our roof.