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Wishes of guide dog handlers

How you can help the blind, the visually impaired and their guide dogs.


Thanks to their guide dog, blind and visually impaired people are able to move around almost everywhere; independently, safely and quickly. However, the guide dog can only perform this difficult task if it is not distracted. You are therefore urgently requested to behave as follows when you encounter a working unit on the move:

  • Never distract the guide dog by feeding, stroking or calling to it. 
  • If you are with a dog, take it on the lead and pass the guide dog as quickly as possible. 
  • A guide dog should be admitted everywhere, even where dogs are otherwise not allowed. 
  • A visually impaired person with guide dog and white stick should always be given priority when crossing the road (Highway Code). 
  • Tell a visually impaired person when traffic lights change from green to red or vice versa. 
  • Should you notice a visually impaired person and guide dog in difficulties, speak to him/her and offer your help. 
  • Tell a visually impaired person the number of an arriving bus or tram. 
  • In bus, tram or train, offer a seat to someone who is visually impaired.