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A perfectly-suited breed

In recent decades, the Labrador retriever has established itself as the breed of choice throughout the world. The Guide Dogs for the Blind School in Allschwil has been breeding its own Labradors since 1972. This sturdy, safe and self-confident dog is an enthusiastic worker. It also gets on well with humans and animals alike and has a long life expectancy. The family trees of the dogs in our school include the names of breeding animals from the world’s leading guide dog schools.

brood bitch with pups

Selective breeding criteria

Dogs are selected for breeding based on the following key criteria: an ability to cope with mental stress, a healthy and strong constitution and pleasure at working and guiding.


A strong mental disposition is an important factor during training as well as in the dog’s everyday life. Environmental stresses, such as noise, air pollution and an overload of optical stimuli, are major challenges for our dogs. Even though they have an immense capacity for learning, a good foundation is essential if our dogs are to learn quickly and to be able to cope with their environment. Furthermore, these abilities need constant nurturing.


Because a guide dog’s work is so strenuous, a healthy, strong constitution is a 'must'. Dogs need a sound build and good musculature with no signs of hip or elbow dysplasia.


Labradors are particularly keen workers. Their constant readiness to explore the world together with humans makes them receptive companions eager to learn from new experiences.