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Oktober 2019

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Sunday, 6 Sep. 2020

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Wishes of assistance dog handlers

What assistance dog handlers would appreciate from you:


In their assistance dog, wheelchair users have a constant companion to help them cope with everyday life. They are able to attain a higher level of independence and greater self-esteem. However, the assistance dog can only do its demanding job properly if it isn't distracted. When you meet up with an assistance dog team, therefore, it is imperative that you take note of the following:


  • Do not distract, stroke, call or feed assistance dogs in the blue vest
  • If you meet up with an assistance dog whilst out walking, put your own dog on the lead and continue quickly on your way
  • Allow access to assistance dogs wherever possible. This makes life much easier for someone with impaired mobility.
  • Even assistance dogs like to exercise (not on the lead and without the blue vest) and play with other dogs.
  • If the assistance dog is not on duty, ask the owner if you may stroke his or her dog.